Happy Birthday! Two Years On The App Store!


Where does the time go? Crazy to think it’s been two years since I first (accidentally) launched my first app.
Here are some of the things that happened over the past year:

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Version 2.0 App Update Recap!


When I was preparing to launch the update of Version 2.0 of my apps,  my hope was to make a splash as big, or even bigger, as I did when I first launched.
As promised, here is a recap on how it went.

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App Developer Thought His Dream Of A Top Ten App Would Never Come True…


App Developer Thought His Dream Of A Top Ten App Would Never Come True…
Until something completely unexpected happens you won’t believe….

App Developer Thought His Dream Of A Top Ten App Would Never Come True…Until something completely unexpected happens you won’t believe

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Social Media And Promoting Your App…No Scale, No Sale…


After a somewhat auspicious beginning , I’m happy to say that I haven’t been banned from any social media networks or labelled a spammer since I started using social media to promote my apps. I’ve tried a variety of methods, including using other ways to promote my app…without promoting my app. As an example, I’ve had over 15,000 combined views on my various How To Photograph Meteor posts, which don’t mention the app directly…but there is a nice little “ad” on the sidebar. Yet none of those resulted in a big  jump in app downloads. I have to be honest, this puzzled me, because these people should be my market. They are photographers.  This has led me to the only conclusion….

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Learn Photo365 Version 2.0 Now Live On The App Store!

Well, version 2.0 of my apps are live on the app store, and operation get them into a top ten has begun. I’ll be doing a recap post down the road, but right now I’m focused on spreading the word as much as possible. So this post is actually just about the updates with the hope you’ll share the app! If you are interested in helping spread the word, I’ve created an easy promotion page so people can just click to Tweet, Like, Share, or pin the app and the app info pages. Would also be great if you wouldn’t mind giving the free version a download to help get them up the lists!
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What Kind Of MVP Should Your App Be At Launch? Minimum Viable Product Or Most Valuable Player?


The term “minimum viable product” (MVP)  is one that I came across many times when I started my newb app developer journey.
The idea is that your first version of the app may not have all the features you want it to, but has enough to be an okay product.
But is it the right approach?

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App Store Optimization aka Flappy Clumsy Bird Ninjas


What is app store optimization you ask? Basically it’s ensuring that you are using the proper title and keywords in your app store listing to get you as many downloads as possible. But like any tactic for marketing there is a right way to do it…and a wrong way.

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Look Back As You Move Forward

lookingback copy

As my “newb app developer” journey continues, I am still learning new things. As I prepare  to launch V2.0 of my apps however, it has given me a chance to look back at where it all began, and how I’ve come to where I am at right now.

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Happy Anniversary! One Year On The App Store

appbday2Wow. Hard to believe it’s been a full year since I released my first app(uh…by accident). It seems like only yesterday that I began telling the world about my great new app…oh wait, I’m still doing that. 🙂
It’s been an amazing journey. So what has happened since my six month update?
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iOS7 Upgrade=A Choice For Devs (with an app pricing rant)

iOS7 was a major iOS upgrade no question…but since my apps are pretty basic and don’t make use of most of what a native app has access to, it really didn’t have an effect on me.

But if your app is super cool with lots of functions, it would indeed be a big deal for you. From what I’ve seen online, there are many changes that required a lot of work on the developers part, even if all you wanted to do was keep your app working if the user upgraded to 7.  There were also many developers who took the update as a chance to completely rebuild their apps for iOS7.  And this would lead to a hard choice for the developer…do you offer the update as a free update, or do you create an iOS7 only app?


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